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Christian Vacations With A Purpose

Mar 09, 2014
Winter has taken its toll and summer may feel endlessly away at the moment, so why not plan a fun and meaningful spring break trip or summer...

Winter Jam 2014: My Experience

Mar 08, 2014
I consider myself a music lover and a major fan of Christian music. I have all the CD's and downloads of my favorite bands and artists and believe...

The Letter Writer Trailer: A Movie With A Message

Mar 07, 2014
"A wonderful movie that families everywhere will enjoy." —Dove Foundation Synopsis When Maggy Fuller, a rebellious and troubled teenager, receives...

Warren Wiersbe Quotes: Top 20 List

Mar 07, 2014
Dr. Warren Wiersbe has written more than 150 books including commentaries on every book of the Bible. His personal library includes thousands and...

Noah Movie: Behind The Scene Look Of How The Ark Was Made

Mar 07, 2014
Get an exclusive look at the making of the Ark for the upcoming movie NOAH. Related Posts: Official Noah Trailer Top 7 Anticipated Christian...

Top 10 Christian Duet Songs

Mar 06, 2014
Christian music is so amazing in all of the forms it takes.  Rap gets you energized!  Metal/Rock gets you focused and pumped up!  Acoustic...

20 Inspirational Bill Hybels Quotes

Mar 05, 2014
Willow Creek Community Church in South Barrington, Illinois was founded by Senior Pastor Bill Hybels. Pastor Hybels travels to teach on leadership,...

2014 Vacation Bible School (VBS) Themes

Mar 04, 2014
Churches across the country will begin kicking off their 2014 Vacation Bible School weeks in less than four months! This is an exciting week for...

10 Best Christian Rappers/Hip Hop Artists

Mar 03, 2014
For the longest time it somehow escaped me that my two most favorite genres of music could somehow be combined. Poetic lyrics and biblical truth...

12 Great Christian Songs About Following Jesus

Mar 02, 2014
If you have given your life to Christ, then you probably understand the amazing feeling you get inside when you listen to or sing to songs about...


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