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The Book of 1 Peter: Summary, Key Verses and Lessons

Mar 01, 2014
As Christians we are continually under attack; we face many trials that weigh us down because of our beliefs, which are founded in Jesus the Christ...

'Sing Over Me' The Dennis Jernigan Documentary: Review and Commentary

Feb 28, 2014
There are few debates in modern culture today that inspire more hostility and division than views on homosexuality and religion. The documentary,...

10 Reasons Christians Can Embrace The 'Noah' Movie

Feb 28, 2014
There has been no shortage of headlines in recent weeks about Paramount Pictures' upcoming feature film Noah – with a fair amount of the coverage...

Top 10 The Letter Black Songs

Feb 27, 2014
The Letter Black are creating a name for themselves in the rock/metal genre of Christian music.  They just released their 2nd full album, Rebuild,...

Top Ten Christian Songs For Encouragement

Feb 26, 2014
Every once in a while there comes a day that jut knocks you off your feet a little. The world starts spinning faster than you can move and suddenly...

20 Thought Provoking John Wooden Quotes

Feb 24, 2014
John Wooden was a basketball legend on the court and as a coach. If you know the history of the game, you understand the profound affect that...

Soldier Dad Surprises His Little Girl On Her 3rd Birthday

Feb 23, 2014
Watch this little girl get the best surprise she could have asked for on her 3rd birthday.  God is so good and we must rejoice when He reunites us...

5 Bible Verses Related To Entertainment and Having Fun

Feb 22, 2014
Many people on the outside have this idea that being a Christian is boring and no fun at all.  But, God designed us for the complete opposite. ...

God's Not Dead Movie Trailer and Synopsis

Feb 22, 2014
God's Not Dead is a Christian movie I am excited to see.  It is set to hit Theatres on March 21st. With all of the buzz in the Christian circles on...

Worship Leader John Fox Wowed American Idol Judges, Don't Miss This

Feb 20, 2014
Don't miss this inspirational video of Worship Leader John Fox on American Idol. John is a worship leader from Texas and is using his God gifted...


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