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East To West Lyrics-Casting Crowns With Video

Dec 09, 2013
Casting Crowns is arguably the most popular and influential Christian rock band making music today. With more than 8 million albums sold, and 3...

Made to Worship Lyrics-Chris Tomlin (With Video)

Dec 08, 2013
When asked about his music, Chris Tomlin states that his goal has always been just to write songs that "people want to sing and need to sing." Its...

Youth Group Outings: Top 7 Locations to Visit

Dec 06, 2013
Were you involved with a youth group when you were in junior high or high school? I was, and I can remember taking trips to “Christ In Youth”...

The Letter Black: Exclusive Interview With Sarah Anthony

Dec 05, 2013
The Letter Black is a Christian rock band fronted by none other than Sarah Anthony. They have been making music since 2006 when they were known as...

How To Set Limits on Video Game Playing

Dec 04, 2013
If you have read my bio, you know that I enjoy video games, especially online games like Call of Duty. Many problems can arise with video games...

Best Max Lucado Books: Top 12 List

Dec 03, 2013
Max Lucado is an avid writer. He has written just shy of 100 books, with over 80 million copies in print! He has also had the honor of being named...

How Important Is Exercise For A Healthy Christian Family?

Dec 02, 2013
As Christians, we can dig into many books and sermons to exercise our brain. Spiritual growth through reading the Bible and prayer are foundational...

Top 10 Christian Songs From Movies

Nov 27, 2013
Everyone has that one movie, that one scene, that just gets them. Maybe it makes you bawl like a baby (If you ask my husband he would say this is...

Matt Maher Songs: Top 16 Counted Down

Nov 22, 2013
Matt Maher has a voice that you can’t miss. Once you hear him, you don’t forget him. He has written many amazing songs to glorify God. He has been...

Coming Soon: Official Trailer for Noah

Nov 19, 2013
Do not miss this trailer for the much anticipated upcoming release of "Noah" starring Russell Crowe.  The story will open up with Noah having...


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