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Top Christian Books of the Summer

Aug 31, 2013
Summer is not over yet, so take advantage of the hot temperatures and read a book outside. Drift away from buzzing cell phones, blips of new emails...

New Release Movies for Kids: 24 Upcoming Children’s Films

Aug 29, 2013
Kid’s love to go to the movie theater to catch the latest blockbuster family film. Hollywood has certainly taken notice as children’s feature films...

Why to Send Kids to Bible School

Aug 27, 2013
There are so many amazing benefits to sending your children to Bible school, which is also called Sunday school. At most churches it is a special...

10 Christian PGA Golfers

Aug 25, 2013
My world of sports just keeps getting better! I had no idea there were so many golfers who love the Lord! Below you will find 10 men that...

8 Great Christian Father Daughter Songs

Aug 23, 2013
I used to love to dance with my Daddy. When I was very young he would let me ride on his toes as we danced to the music. Later we would dance at...

Top 10 Secular Movies With a Christian theme

Aug 22, 2013
There are many secular movies that have been made with really good underlying Christian themes and morals. Hollywood is realizing the importance of...

20 Songs To Lead a Contemporary Church Service

Aug 21, 2013
Being a worship leader is a wonderful experience! Leading a church in worship is an amazing experience as you play your instrument and sing your...

Christian Films Coming Out August 2013

Aug 18, 2013
Here are some of the Christian movies scheduled for release on DVD and Blu-Ray this month! There are a variety of films that focus on different...

Grace Unplugged: All I Ever Wanted Music Video

Aug 15, 2013
Coming to theaters this October 4th is “Grace Unplugged” a story about a young Christian lady with extraordinary musical talent. This movie is...

My 25 Favorite Christian Songs

Aug 15, 2013
Christian artists put so much heart and soul into their music, which is why I think many songs are so powerful and can almost touch your bones. I...


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