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Songs About Hope: 17 Christian Hits

Apr 03, 2013
I love listening to songs about hope on Christian radio!  They always encourage me and keep me motivated to focus on the important things in life,...

Top 10 Seventh Day Slumber Songs

Apr 02, 2013
Seventh Day Slumber is one of the best Christian rock bands out there.  The lead singer, Joseph Rojas, has an incredible testimony of going from...

Colin Kaepernick: Bio, Tattoos, Quotes

Mar 31, 2013
Origins Colin Kaepernick wears the number 7 and plays Quarterback for the San Francisco 49er’s, he recently led them all the way to Super Bowl...

Christian Graduation Songs: My Top 10 List

Mar 29, 2013
As we head into spring many students, faculty and parents begin to plan graduation parties and commencement ceremonies. One of the key pieces to...

Bible Trivia Games: 5 To Check Out

Mar 27, 2013
I always look forward to meeting in small group Bible studies with people from church.  We always have a great time digging into the Word of God...

Youth Group Game Ideas: 15 Fun Activities

Mar 26, 2013
Growing up in church was an amazing experience for me and still is.  I can remember many great times that I had in the different stages of my life...

Movies With Life Lessons: 40 Great Films To Watch

Mar 25, 2013
I view movies as truly being a gift from God.  That we would be so fortunate to live in this little snippet of history where we have the technology...

50 Upbeat Christian Songs

Mar 24, 2013
Christian contemporary music is one of the fastest growing sectors of the music industry as a whole.  The reasons for this are obvious if you are a...

7 Christian Directors/Producers In Hollywood

Mar 21, 2013
Hollywood is the hub for movies and television programming.  Billions and billions of dollars have been spent and made there.  Although we...

Is Hollywood Realizing The Value Of Christian Audiences?

Mar 20, 2013
Over the past decade I have seen many commercials for movies that are not congruent with the Bible.  Many of those movies contain profanity, drugs,...


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