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Christian Online Dating Sites: 2 To Check Out

Feb 13, 2013
It seems that as technology progresses, our lives also change with it in some really cool ways.  Online dating has become a huge outlet for men and...

Christian A Cappella Songs: Top 10 List

Feb 11, 2013
There is something wonderful about a Christian a cappella song. That term “a cappella” has its root in Italian and it literally means “in the...

Bobby Bowden Quotes: Bio & Top 20 Quotes

Feb 11, 2013
Bobby Bowden is one of the most elite college football coaches of all time.  He is also a devout Christian who is totally reliant upon God.  Bobby...

Jars of Clay: Top 20 Songs

Feb 08, 2013
Jars of Clay is a long standing Christian band who got their break out of Nashville, Tennessee.  They have released a total of 11 studio albums...

International Christians: 7 Global Saints

Feb 07, 2013
“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to...

Songs About The Resurrection: Top Ten List

Feb 05, 2013
The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the most prominent moment in history.  When Christ was resurrected from the grave, He overcame death and...

Duck Dynasty On A&E Is Safe For Christians

Feb 04, 2013
These days it is not difficult to find garbage on the television.  It seems that any time of day one can find a plethora of immorality glorified...

PG Movies: 20 Best Animated For Kids

Feb 01, 2013
All kids love movies, especially if it’s animated.  We have compiled a list of 20 of the best animated films that got a PG rating.  If some of your...

Best Christian Coaches: My 10 Favorites

Jan 31, 2013
A coach by definition is suppose to instruct in fundamentals and direct strategies, I think there are none better at doing this than those who are...

The Book of Job: Bible Verses, Story, Wisdom

Jan 30, 2013
The book of Job is one of the most epic and powerful books in the Bible.  It tells the story of a man named Job and all of the turmoil he goes...


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