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Satellites & Sirens To Release New Album, "One Noise"

Jan 22, 2014

Nashville based synth group, Satellites & Sirens have been busy.  With a new record deal on DREAM Records and a new upcoming album titled, One Noise, the guys are gearing up for a great year ahead.  Today, we are proud to announce that they will be joining the We Won't Be Shaken tour featuring Building 429, Hawk Nelson and Family Force 5 in March.

"I think this is the most excited I have been to release an album" says frontman, Geoff Hunker. "We worked so hard on this record and spent so much time writing and making sure that every note and lyric had a purpose and wasn't just filler. It shows who we are as a band musically and spiritually and we feel like it's the best thing we have released."


Track listing for One Noise:

1. Crash Down

2. Jump Start My Heart

3. One Noise

4. Teach Me How To Love

5. Magnetic

6. Keep Running

7. We Are Yours

8. Our God Is Able

9. Breakthrough (feat. Jonathan Steingard of Hawk Nelson)

10. You Traded Heaven

11. Holy Are You God

12. United Kingdom


Listen to their new single titled, "Jump Start My Heart":


Listen to the behind the music segment featuring Geoff Hunker of Satellites & Sirens talking about  "Jump Start My Heart":



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