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What Does The Bible Say About Intimacy?

Feb 03, 2016
What does the Bible say about intimacy?  Is it permissible only in marriage?   Separated from God Before looking at what the Bible...

5 Myths About Christian Dating

Jan 31, 2016
Here are five myths about Christian couples who date. Living Together One of the greatest tragedies in Christianity today is the false idea...

3 Prayers For Dating Couples

Jan 29, 2016
Here are 3 prayers for couples that are dating that I hope you can use or pass along to someone you know who’s still dating. Praying for...

RED, The Ever & 2016 Winter Jam Tour Spectacular

Jan 26, 2016
Slated as one of the greatest Christian rock bands of our decade, RED, has teamed up their newest album, of Beauty and Rage with their graphic...

7 Uplifting Christian Songs About Strength and Courage

Jan 22, 2016
We were never promised that life would be easy. In fact, Jesus flat out told us that as Believers we would have trouble. (John 16:33) We long for...

5 Signs Of A Happy Marriage

Jan 21, 2016
There are more than five signs of a happy marriage but no less than five so here are five signs of a happy marriage. Accepting One...

5 Ways To Turn Your Enemies Into Your Friends

Jan 18, 2016
Here are some simple ways to turn your enemies into your friend. The Enemies of God We should remember that at one time we were enemies of...

My 8 Favorite Songs by The Afters

Jan 15, 2016
It is a true gift to find a band that has found a way to offer top-notch music brilliantly paired with inspiration, encouragement and hope with a...

4 Ways To Identify A False Teacher

Jan 04, 2016
There are more than four ways to identify a false teacher but here are four ways that I hope will help you to do that.  Seeks a...

What Does The Bible Say About Worship?

Jan 03, 2016
Does the Bible tell us much about worship?  What is the proper way to worship according to the Bible? What is Worship? If you ask...


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