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5 Stories From Fans That Inspired Matthew West Songs

Jun 25, 2015
Matthew West used to share his own stories in his songs with the hope that a few might connect with listeners. Everything changed after he lost his...

10 Upbeat Songs For Your Summer Road Trip

Jun 23, 2015
Taking a summer road trip brings unexpected adventures and memories you won’t soon forget, whether they include eating the world’s...

New Artist Spotlight | Mia Fieldes

Jun 22, 2015
Have you heard of Mia Fieldes? Chances are you have heard many of her songs – under the name of Hillsong Worship and Hillsong United. Mia was...

Freedom to Be Flawless - A Devotional Behind "Flawless" by MercyMe

Jun 22, 2015
If you've been listening to the radio recently you may have heard this new song from MercyMe. The song "Flawless" is the 3rd...

5 Of The Best Ways To Cope With Stress

Jun 21, 2015
Here are 5 great ways to cope with stress.   Maybe you can think of another way. Reading the Psalms I know this sounds...

5 Traps College Aged Christians Need To Avoid

Jun 19, 2015
There are traps and snares for the college aged Christian.  Here are 5 of the most deadly ones. Don’t Believe Everything you...

Top 5 Pieces Of Advice I Have Ever Received

Jun 16, 2015
What are 5 of the best pieces of advice that I’ve ever received?  Which ones have you received that you’d like to share with...

5 Unique Ways To Tell Someone You Love Them

Jun 12, 2015
Here are 5 unique ways to tell someone you love them.   By Doing for Them You can tell someone you love them, you can write it on a...

Exclusive Interview: Laura Story Discovered God’s Love and Grace Through Pain

Jun 11, 2015
Do you feel like a broken Christian? We aren’t perfect, but God can make us perfect. Life is full of incredibly painful moments and even...

Top 5 Songs We'd Like Family Force 5 To Play On Warped Tour

Jun 09, 2015
Family Force 5 is getting ready for a big Christian party on the Warped Tour, which starts June 19 in Pomona, California. They are taking it all...


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