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10 Great Country Songs That Tell A Story

Oct 14, 2016
Here are ten great country songs that tell us a significant story about life. Unanswered Prayer The song by Garth Brooks, Unanswered Prayer,...

Top 9 Carrie Underwood Songs Of All Time

Oct 05, 2016
Here are 9 of Carrie Underwood’s all time songs. Before He Cheats (2005) Checotah, Oklahoma native, Carrie Underwood, since winning the...

Best Female Country Artists Of All Time

Oct 01, 2016
Here is a list of what most consider the ten best female country artists of all time. Dolly Parton Has any female country artist made a...

Top 11 Movies On Netflix Instant That Are Based On A True Story

Sep 20, 2016
Here are 11 great movies on Netflix Instant that are based upon a true story. The Perfect Storm The Perfect Storm, released in 2000 is a...

7 High Energy Christian Songs

Sep 13, 2016
Here are seven great, energy-filled Christian worship songs. Awake and Alive The song, Awake and Alive, by Skillet, is very intense and...

8 Good End Of The World Movies On Netflix To Stream Instantly

Sep 07, 2016
Here are 8 great "end of the world" movies from Netflix to stream instantly. War of the Worlds The original movie, War of the...

Top 10 Andy Mineo Songs of All Time

Sep 04, 2016
Here are Andy Mineo’s greatest songs of all time. Who is Andy Mineo? Andy Mineo is Andrew Aaron "Andy" Mineo, formerly known...

7 Christian NASCAR Drivers

Aug 29, 2016
Here are seven NASCAR Drivers that are Christian Darrell Waltrip Darrell Waltrip is in the NASCAR hall of fame for good reason.  He has...

Top 10 Da’ T.R.U.T.H. Songs of All Time

Aug 21, 2016
Here are ten of Da’ T.R.U.T.H.’s greatest songs of all time. Who is Da’ T.R.U.T.H.? Da’ T.R.U.T.H. is listed among...

10 Great Movies With Plot Twists

Aug 17, 2016
Here are ten great movies with amazing twists in the movie plot. Star Wars Star Wars is an American movie classic but some have called it an...


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