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10 Great Movies With Plot Twists

Aug 17, 2016
Here are ten great movies with amazing twists in the movie plot. Star Wars Star Wars is an American movie classic but some have called it an...

Greater Movie Review and Interview with Chris Severio

Aug 15, 2016
“Our loss is great. God is greater.” ~Greater “I’ll Fly Away” softly plays as the camera takes you for birds eye...

10 Upbeat Christian Songs

Aug 04, 2016
Are you needing a little pep in your step about now? Either to start your day off right or finish it up with a little boost of energy? Maybe you...

5 Habits That Can Kill Your Spiritual Growth

Jul 27, 2016
What five things can really wreck or even kill your spiritual growth as a Christian?   Famine of the Word This is a no-brainer, or at...

Music Monday with Matt Maher

Jul 25, 2016
I happen to be a huge fan of playlists because I like a good shuffle to keep me entertained. When I’m looking for music to get me through a...

8 Family Friendly Shows Or Movies To Watch On Hulu

Jul 24, 2016
Here are what I believe to be eight family friendly shows or movies on Hulu. Arthur This originally aired on PBS but now Arthur is available...

Top 8 Clint Eastwood Movies

Jul 21, 2016
Here are the top eight Clint Eastwood movies. High Plains Drifter This film ranked 10 out of 80 among Clint Eastwood’s best movies...

7 Bible Studies Great For VBS (Vacation Bible School)

Jul 15, 2016
Here are seven great Bible studies you can use for Vacation Bible School. Love Your Neighbor and Enemy Remind the young people that Jesus...

7 Great Netflix TV Shows For The Whole Family To Watch

Jul 13, 2016
Here are seven great Netflix TV shows that are safe for the whole family to watch. The Andy Griffith Show I realize that this is old but some...

8 Amazing Christian Songs To Sing In The Shower

Jul 05, 2016
Here are eight songs that I think you'll really enjoy singing in the shower or anywhere for that matter.    Rise by Shawn...


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