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BEC Recordings' Citizens Announces New Name and Album Date

Aug 07, 2014
BEC Recordings’ announces a new name for their worship band Citizens to Citizens & Saints. In addition to the new moniker, Citizens &...

Top 10 Family Movies From The 90's

Aug 07, 2014
Did you grow up in the 90’s? If so, you lived through some classic movie premiers! There were some movies that were targeted to children that...

6 Ways to Give Generously Today

Aug 07, 2014
Becoming a generous giver takes time, growth and faith. If you have met a generous giver then you know how much joy they experience and spread as...

Top 10 Kirk Franklin Songs of All Time

Aug 07, 2014
Kirk Franklin has made his mark on gospel music from the early 1990’s until this present day. His exuberant energy, sense of humor, and...

Top 10 Family Movies Starring Animals

Aug 06, 2014
Do you love movies with animals as the stars? I sure do! There are so many great ones and they are usually safe for the entire family to watch....

6 Ways To Know It Is True Love

Aug 05, 2014
Whitney Houston sang her pop sensation song “How will I Know?” in 1985. This song epitomizes our cultural trend of examining whether...

for KING & COUNTRY Releases Third Instant Grat Track, “Without You,” With RUN WILD. LIVE FREE. LOVE STRONG. iTunes® Pre-Order

Aug 05, 2014
Soaring melodies, driving rhythms, theatrical instrumentation and personal themes are the heartbeat of for KING & COUNTRY’s RUN WILD....

Top 10 Clean Comedy Movies on Netflix Instant

Aug 04, 2014
There are many great comedy movies on Netflix Instant that are clean and family-friendly that are not faith-based. Whether you are looking for a...

10 Of The Best Female Voices In Christian Music Today

Aug 03, 2014
Do you have a favorite female Christian singer? It’s so hard to choose just a handful because there are so many different styles that connect...

Top 10 August Burns Red Songs Of All Time

Aug 02, 2014
August Burns Red is one of the best bands of today!  Their sound is very unique and they are known for brutal breakdowns that you want to keep...


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