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The 10 Best Sara Groves Songs

Nov 19, 2015
This collection of 10 by Sara Groves’ encourage us to look inside ourselves, to move, to share, to love. Her lyrics challenge us to heal...

6 Albums To Give This Christmas

Nov 17, 2015
1. It’s Almost Christmas - Jon & Val Give the Gift of Tradition For those loved ones who can never have enough Christmas music, Jon...

10 Songs to Encourage You to Stand Up For Your Faith

Nov 16, 2015
How often do you feel insecure about standing up for your faith? These 10 songs will encourage you to boldly share your faith at work or school, in...

10 Things To Be Thankful For

Nov 16, 2015
During this holiday season we really do have so much to be thankful for although some might find it challenging to see. For so many of us, life is...

6 Christian Tips For Overcoming Anxiety Or Panic Attacks

Nov 15, 2015
Here are six Christian tips for overcoming anxiety or panic attacks. Needing Help? I think it’s very important to not try to use these...

8 Surprising Facts From The Bible

Nov 09, 2015
Here are eight facts that might surprise you about the Bible. One Book, Forty Authors One book, the holy Bible, was written over thousands of...

7 Bible Quotes To Inspire You Today

Nov 06, 2015
 Here are seven great Bible quotes to help inspire your day today or any day. Deuteronomy 31:8 “It is the LORD who goes before you....

6 Ways Satan Will Try To Tempt You

Nov 04, 2015
Here are six clever ways that Satan or his demons will try to tempt you. Depriving One Another If a spouse is feeling shunned by their...


Nov 03, 2015
Continuing an unprecedented reign as one of the world’s largest tours and Christian music’s biggest annual tour, the Winter Jam...

DJ MAJ Celebrates the Power of Community with new project via Kickstarter campaign

Nov 03, 2015
DJ Maj, the DJ for TobyMac’s Diverse City Band, is celebrating the beauty of the power of community with his upcoming project via a new...

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